DIY Doctor Strange Wig – Jedimanda

DIY Doctor Strange Wig – Jedimanda

IT’S TIME TO BARGAIN! Let’s make Doctor Strange’s wig! Now I did a fem version here but the techniques I use in this tutorial can help you create any gender wig if you wish.

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As a professional seamstress and avid costume maker with more than 6 years of experience, she has competed, and ultimately won, several costume competitions, as well as judged almost an equal amount. She has been featured in Star Wars Insider and Cosplay Culture Magazine. As well as on several sites such as, D23 (Disney fan club), Kotaku, Nerdist, and SyFy. Jedimanda is an epic seamstress with the cuts, scars, and glue gun burns to prove it. She puts a lot of time into her cosplay competing. Traveling all across the US for competitions and hoping to go internationally for competitions soon.

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